Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ready for the New Year!

Well, its been a while and only one new photo shoot, and another one here soon. I have been enjoying the holidays and had a great Christmas here with my family, and im eagerly waiting for the new year. Always looking forward to a new years kiss and festivities. Hoping to do a little party and perhaps some party pictures. This last photo shoot was a little more back to the normal. Bedroom setting mostly, and the last photo shoots will be going up on my website which is getting in the works, and tomorrow I have a friend who will be setting a web cam!!! Yes a web cam OH what fun it will be. Thinking of ideas, outfits, and where to put the camera's, perhaps in the shower, bedroom, kitchen, seeing as I cook in the nude at times. hmmm, what to do, lol I will be taking a trip here to the beach soon, Im hoping to be able to find a nice secluded area. Well we will see.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot and Sexy

Wow, I have some stories to tell after these last two photo's shoots!  My friend and photographer knew how much I love the old classic cars so he went to a car show, got a gentlemen who after hearing the proposition was like "oh yeah, bring her on"  and so we went...I found a matching outfit to wear, along with the thigh highs and heels!  We go to meet the gentlemen and due to some poor planning I had no one to do my hair but luckily we arrived early and I went to a local hair salon where they did a great job, not so sure the style, hair, and car matched times, but I think I looked pretty good, lol, not to mention working so quickly could of been a hazard. The outfit couldn't even cover me, as soon as I let go, down it went, between the shooting I had one saying cover yourself and the other saying leave it alone, it was crazy, running late, forgot my robe, just soft skin showing all over, it will probably be a little while before this is added, but when it does, I hope everyone likes it!  But wasn't able to shoot with the car really only took two pictures with it, had to go...but will do it again soon!  I also was a Egyptian goddess, naughty nurse, dirty cop, and Gretchen.   LOL, just wait and see, the Gretchen didn't even cover my giant breasts, and I was popping out of the nurse outfit, and while I was doing the cop pictures, we had to relocate due to peepers twice!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Post

Well here's my first blog, let's share with the world my new found love for modeling for the world.  My journey is less than three months along and I have made some good progress!  I have now been placed on two large breast lover web sites, and soon another.  Working with and has been great!  I have been featured on some other sites as well and after reading some requests I have decided to start this blog.  Here we can all share our thoughts together, talk more soon, and happy bouncing!